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The recruitment process is divided into four stages:

  1. Submission of your application via our website, a recruitment platform, or a social network
  2. Analysis and selection of the candidate applications by our Human Resources Manager
    => Positive or negative decision
  3. Interview with the Human Resources Manager and/or the Head of Human Resources
    => Positive or negative decision
  4. Interview with one of our managers
    => Positive or negative decision

The firm operates in a decompartmentalised structure enabling partners to work on both public accounting and auditing. This approach enables everyone to experience the different facets of our business and to develop a generalist profile.
In our firm, there is no permanent assignment to a single partner, instead the teams are formed according to the assignments. This type of organisation enables a healthy distribution of the workload. It also offers employees the opportunity to discover different specialities: consolidation, valuation, mergers & acquisitions, due diligence and transaction services, international standards, impatriation, and so forth.

Reporting to a project manager, the case manager works in a team. They are required to:

  • Manage our junior staff
  • Carry out the accounting and auditing of accounts, paying attention to the various standards
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly reports
  • Draw up declarations, balance sheets, and tax returns
  • Provide support to our clients
  • Carry out annual year-end accounting and preparing financial statements
  • Optimise processes and tools

For the chartered accountant degree, the training, which lasts three years, is covered by the firm and the training supervisor is selected from among the partners.

As regards the advanced diploma in accounting and management, there are no plans to accompany associates for this degree. However, since most of our teams already have this degree, a community was created that provides a great deal of mutual support.

  • Weekly technical training sessions are held by our directors and heads of mission: The “News of the month” is available every Wednesday and the “Audit” on the last Wednesday of the month
  • The MyATH platform makes available a permanent consultation of documents and files produced by experts
  • The referent partners within the Association Technique d’Harmonisation share each quarter the key elements elaborated during the thematic workshops

Sponsorship plays an integral part in our integration process. A sponsor from within the same department is assigned to each new recruit for a period of one year. The sponsor and the new recruit have lunch together on the first day and subsequently hold progress reviews in addition to the operational integration. The sponsors are all volunteers who enjoy participating in the integration of newcomers to help them discover the company.

  • Birthdays are recognised internally; all tens of years are celebrated
  • Subscription to a platform offering services
  • Monthly event / moment of conviviality
  • Fruit basket and breakfast every two weeks

There are no seniority requirements to participate in ESC activities

It is important to distinguish between sector of activity and expertise. It is true there may be a strong temptation when setting up teams to seek out skills that have already been identified. However, we do ask the employee concerned if this is suitable or if they would like to work on other projects. If an employee wishes to develop new skills and has the capacity to do so, we will always encourage them.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a subject that we feel quite strongly about.

Our CSR approach is currently in the process of being developed. Quite a few of our practices are already in place and identified.
Our goal is to take our actions even further.

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