Training resumes for the French national canoeing and kayaking team

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The French canoe and kayak team arrived on the Reunion Island on Tuesday the 26th of January for a preparatory training session lasting more than a month.

On the programme, there will be numerous hours of hands-on training sessions as well as the 1st international race of the year.

The 2021 Slalom Run will take place on Saturday the 6th of February. 70 athletes of some ten different nationalities are expected to compete.

We wish all the best of luck to Martin Thomas.
Let’s hope that this event will be only the first of a year brimming with gold 😊.

Training resumes for the French national canoeing and kayaking team

Acclimatising to the 30-35°C humid heat with water at the same temperature was, for me personally, somewhat difficult. However, this is good training for the conditions we will have to face in Tokyo in July! One week after our arrival, we are now able to increase our training workload up to a rate of 2 to 3 daily sessions.
Several times a week, I start with weight training at 7.30am, then go on to canoeing at 9am. In the afternoon, it’s either a recovery session or training in confrontation with the team.

This period provided a transition from the previous season to the next.
After taking part in the French team’s training camp in Vaires-sur-Marne, I immediately stepped into my skis to cover numerous kilometres in order to work on basic aerobics and improve my endurance level.

La Run Slalom 2021

This race is not an official one, although real competition will be there!
Approximately ten nations made the journey to take advantage of these training conditions, so the challenge will be steep. This race wasn’t planned, so I’m not preparing for it, as my training schedule doesn’t correspond to this event. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to take the start, even if the weekend will be physically demanding!

Yes, we had to carry out a test at D-3 before the start, after having been confined for seven days until a new test was carried out without any contact with the other athletes. We manage to limit contact as much as possible, in addition to the compulsory wearing of masks in all public places. These measures are also applied by all the foreign competitors as well.

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